Seminole County High School has always maintained the highest standards in hiring staff members, and today we welcome a very special member to our staff, K-9 Magic.  Magic is a two and a half year old German Shepherd who came to us from Germany. Since his training was completed in the German language, Officer Lawson has had to master some commands in the German language, so if you hear Office Lawson speaking strangely to Magic, he is speaking German! Magic has previously been in service for two years, and he specializes in tracking people and finding drugs.  Acquiring this dog is a dream come true for our veteran SRO.  He believes that the presence and expertise of this new staff member will make a tremendous difference in the lives of our students and that students will be safer because Magic is here.  Magic will be with Lawson both patrolling the halls at school as well as fighting crime in the streets. According to Lawson, the presence of Magic is for the students.  We are excited to see the positive difference Magic will make here at SCMHS.