Please remember to park in the front student parking lot for your limo/bus to pick you up before prom.

Prom is from 8 until midnight. All prom attendees should enter upon arrival at the gym doors. Please have your bus/limo drop you off at the gym doors. Those not arriving in a limo/bus, please park in the front parking lot and walk to the gym lobby doors. We will have the gym parking lot closed except for limo/bus traffic.

Senior walk will begin about 8:15 pm. It will be outside this time. Those watching senior walk will need to bring outdoor chairs because senior walk lasts about 30 – 45 minutes. If it is raining, those who are here to watch senior walk should remain in their cars until an officer or prom committee member comes to the parking lot with directions about entering the building for an indoor senior walk. The escorts will also need to wait in their cars for directions. We do not want anyone sick or hit by lightening because of being outside in a rainstorm.

All prom attendees should enter upon arrival at the gym doors. Escorts for senior walk should wait to be called. We will not begin senior walk without making sure all escorts are with their senior. However, we will not delay senior walk because a senior or escort is late. Please be here at 8 pm. After all seniors have arrived, a prom committee member will call for all escorts who should come to the doors with their senior walk pass/ticket. Another prom committee member will take those escorts to the seniors for senior walk to begin.