SADD Club car wreck reenactment

This year, as Prom and Spring Break are fast approaching, the SADD club and the Drama club teamed up to sponsor an event to encourage students to be responsible while driving. The event kicked off with an informational speech by Georgia State Trooper Brian Palmer.  Students listened attentively to his presentation which set the stage for the Mock Crash. The Mock Car Crash was staged through a collaboration between School Resource Officer and SADD advisor, Mr. Jeffery Lawson; Maribeth Burke, Drama Club Sponsor; Moses James, SADD president; David Pollock, Drama Club president; and Breanna Fletcher, Publicity Chairperson. 

The crash was based upon the premise that two cars, each carrying Seminole County students, collided as a result of impaired driving.  To emphasize the gravity of making the decision to drive while under the influence, the mock crash included a frantic 911 call, first responders from the community, the life-flight helicopter,  and of course, students in each vehicle involved in the mock crash.  

Students participating in the presentation include Lee Cumbie, Leann Pollock, Kayla Sheffield, Ayana Murkerson, Leahbeth Boyett, Breanna Fletcher, Savanna Powell, Arionna Soto, Brian Sims, Ashunti Kinder; and journalism students Lilly Castro and Madison O’Hearn representing the press.  To emphasize the very real consequences of impaired driving, arrests were made, students “died” and others were “injured.”  

On Friday, as a reminder, those students who were declared “dead” in the crash will appear in a “ghost out.” This “ghosting” will show students how different the school day would look if students were suddenly, tragically killed in a preventable car crash.  Seminole County Indians, stay safe and make good choices!  

By SCMHS Journalism Class

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