Teacher Spotlight:  Kevin Godwin

Our teacher spotlight this week is on Coach Godwin.  Affectionately referred to as “Coach G” by his students, Coach Godwin is a mainstay in the gym and in athletics here at Seminole County High School.  I interviewed “Coach G” to find out some things about him that many of us didn’t know.  First, I asked him why his job was special.  He said that his job was special because he could interact with young people every day, and he hopes that he is always a positive influence and source of encouragement to students.


I asked Coach G what his hobbies are.  He said that he loves to play golf, go out to eat, and spend quality time with his daughter, Ava.


When I asked him what he would change about our school if he could, he said that our school is great, and that there is very little that he would change about it.


Finally, I asked him about retirement.  I asked him what he would do with his time when he retires, and he replied, “I will live each day to the fullest.  I will stay in shape, stay in touch with old friends, and travel.”


Coach G, thank you for all that you do to make our school great! We hope that one day you can fulfill your dream of the perfect retirement, but not too soon!


By T’Erica Williams, Journalism I