Honors, A.P. and Fine Arts Parent Night: A Smashing Success!

SCMHS Offers an Awesome Honors/A.P. and Fine Arts Parent Night!

Last Thursday SCMHS showcased the Honors, A.P. and Fine Arts courses to parents and students interested in taking Honors, A.P., and Fine Arts classes next year.  Mr. Purdy also mentioned new classes SCMHS is offering next year like A.P. Biology, Art, History of the Old Testament, History of Sports, Computer Science, Teaching as a Profession and Video and Technology courses.  Two of our students, Emma Godby and Will Pace, spoke to the students and parents about how Honors and A.P. classes have changed their learning experience at SCMHS.  

The Show Choir gave a fantastic sneak peek into their upcoming show, Aladdin.  The band  performed a few songs to also encourage students to join the Fine Arts classes offered at SCMHS. 

Each content area had a decorated table and a ClearTouch electronic board (big thanks to Mr. Royce Robinson!) to show off their Honors, A.P., Fine Arts and new CTAE classes they are offering next year as well as numerous teachers who worked that evening to assist parents with pertinent information that would help them decide the classes they may want their child to enroll for next year. Our teachers were incredible with the help they gave as so many parents were thankful of their input!   

Mrs. Earnest led the design and organization of the super successful, first class evening for all as she served cake and drinks and promoted classes throughout the evening as well.  We look forward to our future at SCMHS as we aim to continue to be best school everyone envies across Southwest Georgia.    

Savannah alderman