SCHS Welder's Visit LMC

Every single day is a blessing and today was no exception when LMC was able to host a small
group of students from Seminole County Middle High School. It was a blessing because 2021 is
a new year to carry on with the best parts of last year which included a shared opportunity with
our local community to promote a promising future to our young adults. The group today was
the first of the year and they included students from SCMHS welding class chaperoned by
Dusty Smith, Cindy Bryant, and the school’s principal, Shane Purdy, who were all able to see
firsthand some of LMC’s inner workings.
LMC’s Parts and Service Manager, Stan Kennedy, led the group around the different parts of
the facility but this was also part of a process to initiate the students to a real world experience
and what they could do upon completion of their high school education. Following the
orientation, the students were then offered the opportunity to try their hand at an LMC welding
test. It speaks well to their instructor, Mr. Smith, that they all did well enough on their tests to be
considered for employment with LMC if they so desired welding positions.
Shortly afterwards, the group returned to the Agricultural facility on the SCMHS campus for
lunch and a brief instructional video about LMC’s turnkey shelling facility, Premium Peanut
located in Douglas, Georgia followed by a question and answer session.
As a major manufacturer in Georgia, LMC has a vested interest to nurture these kinds of
relationships, especially with students curious and eager to know what lies ahead, because their
future and success is just as much our own. We would like to thank them for the opportunity to
share what we have to offer and look forward to seeing them again!

Feel free to look at the pictures of our students at LMC on the following LMC Facebook link: