Student Spotlight:  Lilly Castro

This week’s student spotlight is a sophomore Lilly Castro. Lilly is active in both FBLA and Pep Club. I asked Lilly several questions, and the first one was,  “What do you like most about this school?” She responded, “I like the people, and how much the teachers care about the students.” The second question I asked Lilly was,  “What is your favorite subject and why?” She said, “Science is my favorite because I like learning about the discovery of new species.” I ended our interview with this question: “What are your goals as you head toward graduation?” She responded with, “I would like to enroll in dual enrollment classes to begin my study of and career in criminal justice and psychology.” Lilly’s hobbies include  painting,  doing makeup, playing soccer, and hanging with friends. This year is Lilly’s first here at Seminole County Middle High School.  We are glad you are here!

By Mallory Smith, Journalism I