Teacher Spotlight:  Dusty Smith

Teacher Spotlight - Mr. Dusty Smith

This week, the teacher spotlight focuses on Mr. Dusty Smith of the Agricultural Department. During our interview with Mr. Dusty, we had the opportunity to ask several questions. The first question we asked was, ” Why did you become a teacher?” He replied with, “My mother was a teacher, and I enjoyed the fact that we got to do a lot of family things together because we had vacations at the same time. I have always liked working with students.” Our next question was simply,  “Why Agriculture?” Mr. Dusty replied, ”Agriculture is awesome! Where else can you apply everything you have been taught in your classes -  Math, Science, English, Spanish; man, we do it all in Ag.”  Additionally, we asked, “What is your favorite thing about teaching?” He replied with, “I love working in the shop and building things and passing those skills on to other students.  My job is wonderful.” 

We ended the interview by asking Mr. Dusty to tell us about himself, and he answered with, “I grew up in Elba, Alabama. I was raised on a small family farm where my family raised Angus cattle and my uncle row cropped. I attended Enterprise State Jr. College then transferred to Auburn University.  Seminole County was the first school to offer me a job out of college, and I have been here for 20-plus years. I have been married to my wife Heather for 20 years, and we have two girls, Bethann and Drew, who go to school here. I enjoy fishing, hunting and working in my own shop at home.” Thank you, Mr. Dusty, for all that you do!!!

By Macy Batchelor, Journalism I and Madison O’Hearn, Journalism II