Teacher Spotlight:  Dr. Sandy Hunter

Teacher Spotlight - Dr. Sandy Hunter

This week, the teacher in our spotlight is Dr. Sandy Hunter.  Dr. Hunter teaches 12th grade AP Lit, 11th AP Language and American Literature, and 10th grade Honors Literature. She has been teaching at SCMHS officially for 17 years!  During that time, she has been instrumental in implementing the AP ELA classes for high school students.  

When we asked her why she became a teacher, she said that she became a teacher because she felt that God was calling her to teach. She chose to teach literature because she has a passion for it and loves to see the way good literature can change people. When we asked her about her most memorable moments as a teacher, she said that “seeing a student finally understand what has stumped him or her all year, reading an essay that reveals that a student has overcome a hurdle that has weakened his/her previous writing submissions, getting a message from a from a student who has fallen in love with a novel/play/poem, and seeing my students do what they doubted they could do, are some of the moments I remember and  hope to see each day." 

In addition to  her teaching duties, Dr. Hunter helps sponsor the Prom, Pep Club, and Homecoming Dance. She is truly invested in the community and the lives of her students and is a true Indian - both of her sons graduated from here.  Her personal tribe is growing.  She is known as “Sassy”  to her twin granddaughters, Eden and Ella. We all appreciate you so much “Sandy B!”  

Yearbook Co-Editor, Brinlee Easom  and staff member,  Macy Bachelor