Update on Cross Country -

By Macy Batchelor, Journalism Student

On your mark! Get set! GOOOO!!! The 2020 cross country season is in full swing. I know this mostly because I am a part of the Seminole County Varsity Cross Country Team. This year is my seventh year running cross country and unfortunately, as a senior, my last. Yes, it is tough; yes, it is exhausting; but it is worth it! The number one question people always ask me is,”Why do you run?” and that question is usually followed by the comment, “Because the only time you will be seeing me run is if something or someone is chasing me!” My usual answer,” Well, I love it because my mind goes to a different place, and I feel free when I am running.  Cross country is a sport, like many others, that if you put in the time and hard work, it shows out there on the course.” Sure, we get on the bus at five or six o’clock in the morning to go to our races, but in the end, when I cross the finish line, even though I am exhausted, I have this feeling of success and  accomplishment. That’s the real payoff.  

I had the opportunity to talk to my new head coach for cross country, Mr. Jeremy Burke and I asked him,”Why did you start coaching cross country?” He responded, “I started coaching because I saw how dedicated every single one of y’all were, and the cross country team seems to be struggling with finding people to run so I thought coming in would build back up the program.” I also asked him, “ If there is one thing you want these kids to learn, what would it be?” and he said,” I want kids to learn that when you are a part of a team we are all  a family and when you are a part of something you give 110 % and never give up.” This is Mr. Burke's first year coaching cross country and he is doing a phenomenal job. 

Cross country is as much mental as it is physical. Even if you are in the best physical shape,  you can’t run a good race thinking that you can't do it or you can’t finish. You just have to believe in yourself! I would like to thank Mr. Kevin Godwin and Mr. Jeremy Burke for their dedication and for being the absolute best coaches any team could ever have. We have two meets left before the region run so come out and support the cross country team! I know, I know it’s early! Go Indians!!!