Teacher Spotlight:  Dawn Cunningham

Teacher Spotlight: Dawn Cunningham

     Mrs. Dawn Cunningham, an 8th grade English teacher, has been teaching for 10 years. She graduated from Miller County High School, and she has had two sons who have graduated from Seminole County High School.  She attended Thomas College where she obtained her B.S. degree; she then attended Valdosta State where she graduated with her Master’s Degree. 

      Some of her favorite things to do are going to the beach and shopping.  Her favorite food is tacos! (Now you know what to get her for her birthday!) On the day I interviewed Mrs. Cunningham,  I asked her what inspired her to become a teacher.  She responded,  “As a student, I longed for a teacher to be invested in helping me succeed and showing me they cared.  It was because of this I was driven to be a teacher.”  She went on, “I love when the students who I was the hardest on come to me and thank me. The reward is overwhelming.”

      We appreciate her so much!  Thank you,  Mrs. Cunningham for all you do! 

  • Yearbook Co-Editor, Brinlee Easom