Student Clubs

Clubs Offer New Opportunities for Student Involvement

As we started the new school year under the guidance of Principal Purdy, he asked students what new clubs they wanted to have here at SCMHS. I interviewed teachers who lead the clubs and students who are part of them. My goal was to find out why the teachers chose to lead the club and why students chose to participate.I got some really great answers. 

I chose to interview two SCMHS teachers, Maribeth Burke and Crystal Milner. During the interview I asked the same questions to both. “Why do you love leading this club?” and “What is one thing you want these students to learn from being in this club?” Mrs. Milner, teacher and 4H coordinator answered both, “It gives me the opportunity to watch students grow and become successful leaders.” “I would like for students to always remember to be unique and shine bright.” 

Mrs. Burke, teacher and Drama Club leader said, “I love seeing kids ‘pretend’ and use their imagination. You are never too old to dream and act out fantasies. Sometimes kids and adults need to escape their own skins for a bit. A role can give you a chance to walk in someone else’s shoes. That conjures empathy for others and a sense of belonging for most. I love it when a child feels successful, and the drama club leads to success.”

I also had the opportunity to interview two SCMHS students, Elizabeth Ausley and Breanna Fletcher. I asked one important question to both - “ Why are you involved in this club?” Elizabeth, Vice President of FFA answered,  “I am involved in FFA because for as long as I can remember, I have been surrounded by agriculture. Agriculture is one of the things that I love most in this world, and it has shaped me into the person I am today. In showing livestock, I have learned what hard work and true dedication are and how important they are. FFA has taught me what being a true leader is, and it’s not just a is a person with the title. FFA is an organization that has taught me so many lessons, and I will cherish my memories for the rest of my life.”

Breanna, President of Best Buddies, answered,” I am in Best Buddies because, as many people know, AJ, my little brother, has autism. I realized that there are people just like my brother with disabilities who have difficulty making friends. I joined Best Buddies for people like AJ so that they can always have a friend who will be there for them.”


Middle School Clubs include: Future Farmers of America (FFA) led by Mrs.Garcia, Coding Club led by Ms.Johnson, 6th grade Honors Society led by Mrs.Trawick and Mrs. K. Johnson, Art Club led by Mrs. Fain and Mrs. Shingler, Drama Club led by Mrs. Burke, Seminole Arrows led by Mrs. Riley and Mrs. Rutledge, Yearbook led by Mrs. Trawick, 4-H Club led by Mrs. Cindy Meadows and Mrs.Comerford, Gaming Club (board & electronic) led by Mrs. Earnest, National Jr. Honors Society led by Mrs.Trawick, Pep Club led by Mr. Johnson, SEC Sports led by Mr. Williams and Mr. Savage, Science Club 6th grade led by Mr. Burke and Dr. Poole, FCA led by Mr. David Williams, Mrs. Humphries and Mrs. Schlimmer, Reading Club led by Mrs. Earnest, Science Club 7th and 8th grade led by Mr. Burke and Dr. Poole and the Student Council led by Mrs.Collins and Mr. Helms.   Those students who choose not to be involved in clubs are in classrooms studying or making up assignments.  

High School Clubs include: Future Farmers of America (FFA) led by Mr.Smith, FCCLA led by Ms.Hodges, Future Georgia Educators led by Mrs. Earnest, Gaming Club (board & electronic) led by Mrs. J. Johnson, FCA led by Mr. David Williams and Mr. Arline, FBLA led by Mrs.Touchton, Tri Music Honors led by Dr. Dallas Burke, Coding Club led by Mr. Espano, Art Club led by Mr. Purdy and Mrs. Aman, Pep Club led by Ms. Fain, Dr. Hunter, Mr. Ingram and Mr. Page, Reading Club led by Mrs. Earnest, Best Buddies led by Mrs.Humphries, Science Club led by Mrs. Milner and Mrs. Fowler, SADD Club led by Mr.Lawson and Mrs. Albritton, Drama Club led by Mrs. Burke, Student Council led by Mr. Helms and Mrs. Collins, NHS (National Honor Society) led by Mrs. Trawick, SEC Sports Club led by Mr. Williams and Mr. Savage, and 4-H Club led by Cindy Meadows and Mr. Sasser.  Those students who choose not to be involved in clubs are in classrooms on a computer program preparing for the SAT and ACT or they are studying for classes.   

I would like to thank these teachers and students for their time and comments, and I am excited to see what opportunities and growth these clubs bring to our students and school. Find a club and get involved!

By Journalism Student - Macy Batchelor